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Becoming a member of JKS Benelux.

To become a member of JKS, you don’t have to know (unlike some rumors) 150 extra katas and completely change what you thought was karate. JKS karate Benelux wants to develop and not restrict karate.  

JKS practices the "Asai-style" katas but there are only 5 additional katas, the so called “Junro” katas.

The traditional taught elements of karate and its training (Kihon, Kumite, Kata) stay unchanged.

Although at first the Junro katas can be daunting, as they are challenging, with training they really add to your karate. In fact they come into their own after Shodan. Other Asai kata are taught and most dan grades have a couple they like and train with. Others are used for special cases, such as Rantai for kicking and Kakusen Shodan for ashi barai.

JKS karate is different from your usual training and your way of practicing karate will change, no it will become more complete.

Movements in JKS karate are like a stream, flowing and fluid. They relax and are good for your health.

JKS karate will only change people who huff and puff their way through stiff, tense and wobbly karate. Because of the way JKS is taught the result is that karate becomes a part of the body and mind of the karateka who practices it. JKS Benelux is a non-profit movement who wants to exchange knowledge and skills. This is done in an open minded and free communicative way between the people who teach and are taught.

JKS has a wide range of practicing sensei who teach around the world. We will name a few:

Masao Kagawa Shihan, Takashi Yamaguchi Sensei, Koji Arimoto Sensei, Sinji Nagaki Sensei, Koike Sensei, Norman Robinson Sensei,  Alan Campbell Sensei, Andre Kok Sensei, Paul Giannandrea Sensei…

If you want to have one of these Sensei visiting your dojo please contact JKS Benelux.

Want to know more about JKS or joining our federation?

Please contact us by sending an email to: info@jksbenelux.com

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