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JKS Benelux and its goals


JKS Benelux believes transparency, cooperation and keeping traditions, can be an assembling force within the world of karate. JKS wants to give power to grow and develop in a physical and spiritual way in which karate is practiced.

We would like you to join us in this mission and make a difference.

Japan Karate Shoto Federation

Karate is a martial art where by it shapes your character to be a proper person. The genius of karate is to unite ‘shin’ (mind, mental improvement), ‘gi’ (techniques), and ‘tai’ (body, physical improvement) and to grow oneself through training. In other words, it is not only based on power and techniques but also on continuing practice and the respect for other people “Men, women, the young and the elderly.”

JKS provides trainings in a manner most consistent with the skill levels of trainees and their purposes. By promoting ‘Lifetime Karate’ training, we hope that karate would appeal to persons of all ages and would eventually be beneficial to our society.