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JKS examination

Kyu grades


If you want to participate for a JKS dan-exam you have to buy a special training card.

These trainingsessions are specially to prepare you for the dan-exam.

The price for this trainingcard is €10.

You have to do at least five trainingsessions (no competition training).

The final training before your exam you have to do with Sensei Bortels.

Sensei Bortels then takes the final decision together with your trainer

whether you can or can not participate for the exam.

You can use this trainingcard by Sensei Roger Heuvelsland, Sensei Van den Eyssel and Sensei Eric Bortels.

9th kyu program

8th kyu program

7th kyu program

6th kyu program

5th kyu program

4th kyu program

3th kyu program

2th kyu program

1th kyu program