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The way we are organized.

There is only one head instructor within the JKS: Masao Kagawa Sensei.

To spread the teaching of JKS, all affiliated countries have staff members who are instructed to maintain the JKS spirit and skills.

The board of directors JKS Benelux has a few permanent (founding) members:

  Sensei Roger Heuvelsland


Every five years the board of directors is reelected from the affiliated clubs. Every club has at

least one delegate in the assembly of the general meeting in JKS Benelux. All clubs, also the

ones smaller than 20 members have at least one delegate. For every 20 members a club has one

delegate who can be representing their club at this meeting.

Sensei Eric Bortels

President & techincal director

Chief instructor Benelux



Peter Quanten

Treasurer  JKS Benelux


Sensei Ronald van de Eyssel

Board member

JKS Benelux


Sensei Cyrill Tersemas

Board member

JKS Benelux